Ode to Dove


Oh Dove dark chocolate, I’m glad to have found thee.
Dr. Oz praises you; what more proof does one need?
You my dear Dove are made perfectly.

Each night after dinner, it’s never too late,
to settle down and engage in a girl’s ideal date.
To unwrap the red foil and read the message that awaits.

Dove, you’re so clever. You know just what to say
to make me feel special at the end of a day.
“To be fabulous and flawed,” you said that was okay.

I appreciate the words you’ve written just for me.
They go well with the silk chocolate making me healthy.
I lament you’re so small and our time seems fleeting.

Spending much more time is a dream I once cried.
But nothing last forever, that’s just a part of life.
That’s why I’ve decided to have at least five.

I shudder at the finality of this last bite,
carefully place the bag back in my drawer for the night.
And smile knowing our next meeting will make the day right.

© 2015 kegarland

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